Business Resonance Method

Become a magnet for your customers, colleagues, employees, partner and boss!

Your resonance determines how others react – and their reaction determines your success.

In this session we will clear all negative resonances which make your services unattractive, and we will reprogram you for an extraordinarily strong attractor field.

Additional steps will be determined in optional 1:1 consulting call.

What results can I expect as an entrepreneur?

Right after the first session many or all the following effects are experienced:

  • New business opportunities
  • Positive relations with your employees and business partners
  • Creativity, forward-looking insights, new ideas
  • More and better negotiations
  • More customers and sales
  • Effective use of your time resulting in more spare time.

What results can I expect as an employee?

Participants of the session are reporting:

  • enhanced relations with colleagues and their boss
  • confidence, , more credibility: you will be heard
  • promotions and salary increases
  • enjoyment of their work
  • ssignificantly more support
  • no more competitive thinking, feelings of inferiority or compulsion to perform

The business frequency goes above and beyond, I didn’t know what to expect, and to my surprise I witness results immediately, by second session, I could feel and see the larger context, feeling this inspiration and courage to implement and make changes into my practical life. I also witness an immediate opening towards life and others, and new opportunities showed up. I love it! 

It works, beautifully and graciously!

Denisse Parada


The business resonance method consists of a remote energy session (What’s this? Click here) and optional coaching. It is available in the “startup” version if you are just beginning or are in a problematic situation. It is for you as well if you are an employee and not happy in your job.
The individual “Advanced Session” is suitable if your business is already successful or you already have a successful career and now want to move ahead. It gives you the necessary energy for your next leap and power for the realization of your plans.

Both sessions come with a written or audio report, optionally a coaching can be booked so that we can also determine your further active steps.

Individual courses and programs

For an individual coaching program with an individual compilation of sessions, coaching and advice, message me, or arrange a consultation. You can find the form and the link to the booking tool on the contact page.

Business Resonance "Startup"

60 minutes remote energy session with the following content (and more), as well as email coaching:

  • Deep confidence in your skills
  • Clearing negative and blocking resonances
  • Centering, stabilization, self-confidence
  • Programming with new energies for success

250.- € (+VAT)

Business Frequency Advanced

60 minutes remote energy session with the following energies (and more), as well as email consulting

  • Opening up new spaces and opportunities
  • Realization of your visions
  • Realization energies for your project
  • More power for you
  • Energizing and vitalizing
  • Individual energetic resonance programming

500.- € (+ VAT)

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