Individual Clearing
An Energetic Clearing is like an individual, refreshing, recharging, and energizing Spa Treatment. It affects your energy body which in turn effects your whole being – your mind, emotions, your body, and your health.

Old emotional, mental, and energetic slag is removed. You are flooded with clear, bright, and fresh energies and will feel much lighter, a great clarity and joy.

The best part: It works from your home, or wherever you are!

The Clearing is available as a “wellness” variant, which will bring you back into balance and makes you feel energized.

The Power variant can be used for deep-seated and karmic blockages and for aspects that you have been working on for some time and are still stuck a bit.
Both clearings come with a written or audio report, coaching can be booked as an option.

Wellness Clearing

  • Removal of emotional, mental and energetic slag
  • Harmonization and balancing of energies
  • Fresh and vitalizing energy shower

150.- € (+VAT)

Power Clearing

  • Clearing emotional, mental and energetic blockages
  • Removal of deep-seated karmic and traumatic triggers and patterns
  • Detangling of problematic aspects
  • Harmonization and balancing of energies
  • Energizing and vitalizing

250.- € (+VAT)

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