Business Energy

In this session energies of lack, frustration as well as negative emotions and thoughts which work against your success in your job and business are cleared.

Energies of creativity, optimism and abundance are programmed into your own resonance – because your resonance determines your success.

What energies are cleared?

Usually, the some or all of the following energies are discovered and cleared

  • lack
  • doubt
  • fear of failure
  • limiting thoughts and beliefs
  • worthlessness
  • frustration
  • unhealthy relationships
  • blocking emotions
  • energy blocks

Examples of energies which can be programmed

  • Clarity
  • Abundance
  • Creativity
  • Joy
  • Openness
  • Serenity
  • Trust
  • Self-Worth
  • Success
  • Lightness
  • Expressiveness
  • Connection to opportunities

Some changes which are facilitated by this session

  • new clients and business partners
  • improved relationships with colleagues, employees and the boss
  • more creative work, visionary ideas
  • better negotiations
  • more salary and sales
  • relaxed, confident attitude
  • remembrance of your life’s purpose
  • confidence and energy for new projects
  • space for realization of new ideas
  • anchoring of new realities
  • leap to your next level
  • serenity, lightness, and confidence

The Business Frequency Session is available as a „starter“ version in case you are just starting to grow your business or when you are having some troubles. This session is a remote energy group session.
The advanced version is an individual session for you if you are already successful and are planning for your next leap or need some help / energy to move even higher.
Both sessions come with a written or audio report, you can book a coaching optionally.

Individual Program

If you would like ongoing support with your business or job, we will create an individually tailored program to match your needs exactly. Please send me a message, or schedule an appointment using the contact page!

Business Frequency

  • clearing of negative resonances and blockages
  • centering, grounding, stabilizing
  • programming of confidence and success
  • alignment to your market

250.- € (+VAT)

Business Frequency Advanced

  • new spaces are being opened
  • realization energies for your vision
  • energy for your next move
  • individual clearings and energies
  • anchoring on your new level

500.- € (+ VAT)

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