The INNER LIGHT Journey takes you through new levels of perception and awareness. It connects you to your source – you feel an infinite, deep connection within yourself! 

With Energy Training it is possible for everyone to “tap into” the universal fields of information, healing and knowledge, and to fill their life with more peace and love. An experience which is often called the “flow state”, enabling you to become capable of excellence of all kinds.

In this program you will learn to use everything for yourself!
All modules come with a detailed description and information on how to : 

  • Reach the flow state
  • Clear emotional, mental and energetic blocks
  • Reach and sustain a state of stillness and calm
  • Manifest your desired future
  • Re-program your resonance and energies
  • Activate Self-Healing capabilities
  • Be more open, confident and trusting
  • and much more …

Raise your energy and clear what stands in your way

A powerful way of raising your energy is to work with what are called ‘energy codes’, which are energetic resonances and processes that lovingly and gently raise your energies and gradually remove everything that stands in the way of your light. 

By doing this you change your resonance, which in turn creates your new, bright reality. The results are noticeable in all areas of life – you feel more lively, energetic, harmonious and become more joyful, relaxed and successful in your private life and at work.

Who is the Inner Light Journey for?

The INNER LIGHT Journey is for everyone who is seeking a deeper inner connection with themselves and with their Higher Self. It is for all who feel or believe that there is a much greater source of energy, wisdom and potential within themselves than they can currently access.

You don’t need any experience in energy work to start. Even if you are very experienced you will be suprised by the power and depth of the energies we work with.

How the Journey is organized

The journey consists of 6 modules. You can sign up for all the modules at once or do them one at a time. Each module: 

  • Enhances your ability to connect with your energy body
  • Gives you new tools for you to work with. Some modules teach self-healing, others manifesting, some teach clearing of blockages – some even contain “automatic” programs that work for you in the background
  • Has 3 remote energy sessions, each one raises your energetic frequency and ability to hold light energy, and comes with an additional process for you to work with.
  • Contains detailed documentation of the process and an energy guide, with which you learn to do everything on your own.
  • Comes with a 1:1 training/counseling session in which we work with your energy and/or talk about aspects that came up for you.
  • Has one month of email & messenger support

Each module is deeply integrated and connected with each other module in the journey. Even after completing one module, it will grow stronger with each subsequent module you finish. 

What you can expect to experience during the journey

The INNER LIGHT processes and energy codes take you deeper into your own consciousness and subconscious. You will encounter your own deeper programming, emotions, fears, but also courage, strength, love and your very own bright inner light. You will sharpen your 5 senses and develop additional ones. And you will finally experience your connection and oneness with your Higher Self. The Journey will change your life in a way that is hard to imagine upfront – and it is beautiful.

At times the journey may become a bit challenging. Why? Because at some point the ego will be challenged and in most cases tries to resist and talk you out of it. To make yourself stick to the process I recommend signing up for the whole journey, so your old self has no choice than to go on. All who have done it so far agree that it was totally worth the effort.

This journey is a gentle and truly honest journey to free yourself from whatever is holding you back in order to evolve and develop your current understanding of who you are and what your purpose is.

I recommend this journey to everyone who feels stuck, who has experienced a burnout or burndown and who truely knows that her current life can not be everything. There must be more! And there is more!

I feel grateful for this journey and everything that is due to come into my life. Thank you, Boris, for providing the space and being such a loving bullsh*t detector and heart navigator towards action, change and truth!



This work has opened doors and insights much needed. The experience has been soft and followed by a very caring feedback. Boris has been very generous and I am most grateful!
Thank you, thank you so much…


Explore the Inner Light Modules

If you book single modules, please feel free to select them based on your inner guidance. I recommend the following order, since the codes and processes and documentation build upon each other. Click on the individual module to read more about the details:

INNER LIGHT Revelation

The Inner Light Revelation process enables you to:

  • Connect with the universal consciousness
  • Expand your consciousness and perception
  • Integrate “lost”, forgotten and blocked aspects of consciousness
  • Connect with your higher self through your heart center
  • Harmonize your inner creator energies (mother / father / child)
    Clear and integrate ego aspects

Inner Light Revelation connects us with a very high-frequency field of consciousness. This gives us access to knowledge, insights and perceptions that would otherwise remain hidden from us.

You will feel how you become more complete and powerful with your consciousness expanding with each transmission. You recognize more and more of what and who you truly are.

Through the integration of the Inner Light Revelation Code, you experience a speeding up of your energy, which makes low-vibrating energies recognizable and transforms them, in order to be available to you as a high-frequency power from now on.

INNER LIGHT Heart Frequency

In this module you will learn to

  • Activate your Heart Center
  • Connect to the Love within
  • Align to the resonances of Trust, Allowing and Unconditionality
  • Clear emotional blocks

We will train to raise your heart’s frequency to new levels of unconditional love. We will see that the love is within us, and not dependent on any outer circumstances. With the resonances in this session we will find that the love always shines from within, if we just allow it.

This is a perfect preparation or enhancer for the “Mastercell” module, since the high frequency and the activated heart center are the basis for successful manifestation

INNER LIGHT Mastercell

The INNER LIGHT Mastercell process enables you to:

  • Learn to access the quantum field
  • Choose a new reality from the quantum field
  • Program energies into your body and energy body
  • Learn a self-healing modality
  • Enhance the power of your heart field
  • Feel more self-love

The higher our heart-frequency, the more manifestation abilities we have. This enables us to access the quantum field where the infinite potential realities are waiting for us. The process in this module teaches you to find your desired reality and program it into your present state, which wil draw it to you. Additionally, you learn an advanced self-healing technique.


Inner light Mental Heart Navigation
  • Astonishing Clarity
  • Re-Programming your energetic resonance
  • Merging of dualities
  • Coherence of your heart and mind
  • Automatic clearing of emotional and mental energies
  • More creativity


By merging dualities and our upper chakras with our heart-center, we create a coherent heart-mind, which from now on serves as our true navigator in life. By accessing the infinite wisdom of our higher self through our heart-center, we gain an amazing clarity and inner knowing of our path

The energy code contains an “auto-clear” feature which works for you in the background – it clears away many mental and emotional energies which might otherwise stop you from accessing your heart-mind-navigation and which block your clarity.

The merging of the left and right hemisphere enhances your creative and abilities.

Inner Light Kundalini Fusion
  • Activation of our Sacral-Mind
  • Clearing of lower chakra blocks
  • Learn how to use the Solar Logos energies for healing and reprogramming
  • Enhance Kundalini Energy flow
  • Establish a symmetrical energy body for free movement


This process is the mirrored counterpart to the mental-heart process and merges the lower chakras with out heart-center. This clears very deep blocks and programmings from our early childhood. Additionally we learn very powerful energetic processes to enhance our energetic Kundalini flow.

Inner light Deep Clearing
  • Recover blocked aspects of your consciousness and energies
  • Letting go of very deep seated limitations and traumatic charges
  • Letting go and healing of past wounding
  • Alignment to a new state of health, wealth, love and you
  • Align to a life free of limitations


This process clears traumatic charges from your energy body and physical body, which enables you to re-integrate the cut-off parts of your consciousness that were hidden due to coping patterns. We identify those patterns and clear them as well.

Afterwards we align to a new, trauma-free and limitation free future.

Typical symptoms of traumatic experiences are: fear of conflicts, self-worth issues, black/white thinking, memory leaks, anxiety, depression, victim/perpetrator patterns, unexplainable or sudden fear of persons, situations or locations.

Schedule für Remote Energy Sessions

Sessions usually take place as a remote group session – this format saves you a lot of time, since these can be done from home (or wherever you are).

Group sessions are scheduled and shown in the calendar approx. 1 month in advance – these usually take place Sunday to Thursday at 8:00 p.m. (Central European Time) and last for one hour. You will have about one session per weeek.

Sessions exclusively for you (1:1 energy sessions) are also possible at any time on request (additional fees apply)

Follow-up sessions for deepenings and continuing your journey after you completed a module are available at a reduced price (intensifier sessions). You can participate in all public group sessions with these intensifier tickets.

Your Private Journey

If you prefer your own schedule and private sessions please contact me directly via the contact form or schedule an orientation call.

Complete Journey

All 6 Modules

More Info
  • 6 months
  • 6 modules (6×3 energy sessions )
  • Email/chat support
  • 6x 1:1 counseling sessions

Additionally compared to booking single modules you receive:

  • 1 individual clearing session
  • 6x intensifier sessions

Benefit of your commitment to 6 months to make sure you follow through with this challenging but very rewaring journey. Personal training and counseling sessions and individual email/chat support during the whole time of your journey allow us to work deeply with your personal energy. In the intensifier sessions we will review some key processes for you.

€ 4500  (+ VAT)

Single Module

Book a single Module

More Info
  • 1 month
  • 3 energy sessions
  • Email/chat support,
  • A 1:1 training/ counseling session,

Integrate the energy code and process of one specific module. We will review the process and your questions during a 1:1 training/ coaching session. Individual email and chat support for the whole month allows us to work with your individual strengths and challenges.

€ 750 (+VAT)

Intensifier Sessions

continue the journey

More Info

If you want to strengthen a process or simply revisist it, participate in an intensifier session for any of your completed modules at a reduced price!

1 Intensifier Session + Email Counseling:
€ 75 (+VAT)

1 Intensifier Session + 1:1 Counseling:
€ 200 (+VAT)

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