Boris Schickedanz

I am a Certified Energy Trainer & your Future Guide. I help you to find and use your inner connection to your Higher Self to live your bright future.

I worked as a computer scientist for a long time and learned a lot about complex and mutually influencing systems, and I was able to gain a lot of experience as a team leader.

In university, and then later on in my job, I used intuitive skills to find the right solutions, to choose the right path and to save myself and others from misjudgments.

It was only through the discovery of the inner connection to my Higher Self and its consequent strengthening that I learned what it means to be “myself” and to use the potential of this connection every day in all situations.

I also learned how powerful energy work and our higher self really is. I followed my inner call and learned more and more about the topic and the application of ancient metaphyiscal laws so that I could use it on demand. Until finally it became clear to me: I not only want to use it for myself, but also pass it on to others.

My work is based on several years of training and practice in a wide variety of metaphysical areas and applications.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce other people to their inner connection and to demonstrate their practical application. It doesn’t take long for everyone to get into their inner radiance and become significantly more fulfilled and successful in their jobs and in their private lives.

If you now feel that there is something in you that you want to live but do not yet know what it is, or maybe you know it, but do not know how to express it fully – contact me, we will discuss in an orientation call on how we can get you acquainted with your Higher Self and develop your full potential!

Thank you!

Boris Schickedanz


Boris Schickedanz Coaching

Education and Experience


  • transCOACH Level I, II, III, IV (transCODES)
    Energetic Coaching, Remote Energy Work, Clearing, Transcoding, Energy Fields, Reading and Transmuting Energy
  • GRACE Master (transCODES)
  • Applied Metaphysics
  • > 2000 hours of experience in remote energy work with groups and individuals
  • Matrix-Inform Level 2
  • Psychological Counsellor (SGD)
  • MsC Information Technology
  • >30 years experience in software development & architecture
  • 15 years leading experience
  • Entrepreneur

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