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Education and Energy Training for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and (Future) Leaders
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Access Your Higher Consciousness to Navigate the Upcoming Changes

To be ready for an interconnected world of constant uncertainty and change, we need to rely on our inner navigator to show us the way to our bright future. Let me show you how to build and use your inner connection to thrive in your job and personal life!


Certified Energy Trainer


More than 2000 hours of Energy Training with Clients


15 Years Leadership Experience


Academic Education

“This work not only creates your desired changes in life, it does it with incredible speed and depth. Be prepared for a quantum leap.”

I experienced Boris’s “Power Clearing” code and to say it is powerful is an understatement! I felt much lighter and had that “happy for no reason feeling” right after the session! And I usually do not feel energy so this was a great experience! It was as if someone turned the ‘happiness’ dial up! I was so happy I felt as though I could walk on water! Thank you Boris


Dear Boris, today it was the third time working with you and again it was incredible. Every time there were big steps and unbelievable things happening in my life and my business. I am grateful to have met you and looking so so so much forward to our next session. Thank you!


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